Hi, I am Dmitry - a father of three, programmer and music lover.

My Profession

I write computer programs since 1990s and enjoy this activity so much that it became my main work for a lifetime. Worked with many languages - C/C++, Java, PHP, Haskell and others but fall in love with Python for its power to implement my ideas in fastest way possible. My second favorite language is Go, when I need to do a task that requires super high performance this is the language of my choice.

Currently I work as Staff Software Engineer at Uptime.com. Check it out, it is a great company doing all kind of system monitoring.

I also run various side projects and do freelance work: machine learning and data science applications, web apps backend development, highload, big data. Hire me as a contractor if you need any of these:

  • Python and GoLang web development
  • Machine Learning / Neural Networks (Pytorch, fastai)
  • Django Framework, SciPy (Numpy, Pandas, etc), Celery
  • Cloud Deployment AWS/GCE
  • PostgreSQL, ClickHouse troubleshooting and fine tuning
  • Some Javascript, jQuery, Angular, Backbone, CSS etc.

Contact me at my_lh7823@pm.me (remove numbers and underscore from the address). You can also find me at:

My Hobbies

I really love music. Listen mostly to classical music but modern house or electronic music is my background sound when I run. I studied in musical school when I was a kid. Learned to play violin. Always wanted to play piano though and for last several years I make my dream come true. I play piano like almost every day, mostly Bach - preludes, inventions. Want to learn Well Tempered Clavier, Goldberg Variations, French and English suites.

I also love to run. Did different sort of sport activities in the past. Never thought I would run. But I tried several years ago and have been running regularly since then. To this date my total running distance is more than 2500km.