My Projects

I can say that I’m a serial maker. From my early days on the Internet I try to create various online projects. When I do work for someone else I can’t say that every time I do the most interesting things out there, and this is where my side projects help me to keep going: I can learn whatever technology I want, I can do whatever I want in a way I want :) So it benefits a lot. Here is an incomplete (I hope) list of my side projects. If a project generated revenue I put a $ sign corresponding to each digit in the total revenue for the project:

  • DreamStaging.AI 2023 - Virtual Staging and Interior Design by AI: drop a photo of an empty room and get it back with furniture and decoration in variety of styles
  • DreamPic.AI 2022 - A tool to generate pictures of You in different styles using AI with finetuned StableDiffusion model
  • Georginify 2022 - Firefox extension that helps learn Georgian alphabet
  • DeepWebMonitor ✝ (2020-2022) $$$$ - Website change monitoring and alerting
  • MicroFeedback ✝ (2018-2019) - Collect feedback using unique time spaced single question surveys.
  • LottoClues 2017 $$$$$ - Lottery Results tracking and analysis
  • BotProxy 2017 $$$$$$ - Rotating proxy SAAS
  • SeoCharger ✝ - SEO checker that crawls whole website and generates reports. SAAS.
  • Top1M ✝ - analyze Top 1M websites from Alexa list
  • JA ✝ (2015-2020) $$$$$$ - Content website with adsense monetization
  • Alovendo ✝ - Shopping cart SAAS written in Haskell!
  • Recipes ✝ - recipes and nutrition database
  • Simplistity ✝ - create and manage arbitrary lists online
  • I Was Here ✝ - create and manage your travel map
  • TheBridge ✝ $$$ - online community
  • HealthKeeper ✝ - windows app to alert you to take a break