Notes about programming, music and AI. Slightly longer than on twitter.

My Projects

Incomplete list of projects I created over time. Read more ⟶

ChatGPT Name Generator

Supercharge Your Startup Naming Process with ChatGPT & Domain Availability Checker Read more ⟶

IndieHacker Boilerplate (Django Template)

Template project to quickly bootstrap your Django Based website with batteries included Read more ⟶

DreamPic.AI - AI Generated Pictures Starring You

I made a tool to generate pictures of yourself with AI in different styles. Read more ⟶

Georginify - Firefox Extension to learn Georgian

I wrote a simple extension that helps learning Georgian alphabet. Learn how. And why Read more ⟶

Why I Stopped Using Facebook

Why I stopped using Facebook (aka Meta) services and you should too. Read the full post, you will be shocked, I promise. Read more ⟶

Probabilistic Simulation for QA

Solving hard problems by doing experiments on your computer. How many tests we need to run to be sure that there are no errors introduced because of changes we made? This is the question we are going to answer using probabilistic simulations. Real life example from my work. We did it for TXN backtesting. Read more ⟶